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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PROMESSA Personalised Jewellery Service?

PROMESSA Personalised Jewellery Service lets you and your loved one create personalised rings and diamond jewellery. Choose your own style, diamond, metal and custom engraving. Let your heart and your imagination be your guide!

What jewellery is available for personalisation?

We are pleased to offer personalised engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces and earrings.

What size diamonds are available?

You can personalise your jewellery with diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 5 carats, depending on the styles you choose.

How much shall I budget for personalised diamond jewellery?

The price depends on your preferences. To cater your different budget needs, we offer a choice between impeccably cut Infini Love Diamonds or dazzling Chow Sang Sang Handpicks.

When will my personalised engagement rings/ wedding bands be ready?

Whether it’s a spontaneous proposal or a long-awaited engagement, we strive to have your personalised creation ready at the soonest. Some engagement rings can be personalised in 5-12 days*, and certain wedding bands can be ready in just 20 days*. Please enquire with your PROMESSA Consultant for details.

*Production lead time varies depending on your chosen style.

What are the key criteria when choosing a diamond?

There are 4 key criteria: cut, colour, clarity and carat – as known as “the 4Cs of diamond”. Find out more about the 4Cs.

How to pick a brilliant diamond?

Both cut and clarity determine diamond brilliance, which cut is the only factor that can be influenced by the craftsman, to brings the greatest brilliance of a diamond.

To choose the diamond that’s perfect for you, book an appointment with a PROMESSA Consultant.

Besides engraving, how else can I add a personal touch to our rings?

You can add your destined birthstones to your rings to celebrate the hand of Fate that has brought you together.

Will my ring become discolored over time?

Our 18K rings are crafted using Real Multi-tone, a technique that imbues layers of gold with colour before fusing them together—ensuring rich, even colour from surface to core. This complex technique ensures your ring will stand the test of time. Any minor scratches can be polished away to restore your ring’s beauty. Simply visit any of our stores for inspection, cleaning and repairs.

How do I measure for ring size?

PROMESSA offers a measurement card that lets you accurately measure for the correct ring size.

What if I ordered an engagement ring in the wrong size?

We offer a ring resizing service (applicable to certain styles). Please enquire with your PROMESSA Consultant for details.

How should I clean my diamond jewellery?

Oil can reduce a diamond’s brilliance by sticking to the surface. For daily cleaning, soak your diamonds in a diluted solution of detergent and water, gently clean with a soft brush and gently pat dry with a soft cloth. If fluff gets caught on the setting, dislodge carefully with a gentle wiping motion to avoid damaging the setting.

Visit our stores regularly for inspection, cleaning and repairs.

How should I care for my diamond jewellery?

To avoid accidentally damaging the setting, do not wear your diamond jewellery while exercising or sleeping. After wearing, store your diamond jewellery separately in a protective box or velvet bag to avoid impact with hard objects.

Visit our stores regularly for inspection, cleaning and repairs.

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