Special Care For Your Pearl Jewellery
Because pearl is an organic gem comprised of calcium carbonate, pearls require more specialized care than other precious gems. Please refer to the following guidelines for your pearl jewellery maintenance:

1. Wipe gently with a soft damp cloth and let your pearl jewellery dry thoroughly after each usage. Avoid cleaning with soap water, jewellery cleaning solutions or hot water. 

2. Most of Chow Sang Sang’s pearl strands are strung on silk-cotton beading threads. Over time, the thread will stretch, become weakened and soiled. If you wear your pearls regularly, we encourage you to bring your pearl jewellery to our shop and have your pearls cleaned and restrung professionally once a year.

3. Keep your pearls away from any sharp or hard objects, which may damage their delicate surface. 

4. Pearl is an organic substance. It may lose brilliance when it is in contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, acidic solutions or cleaning sprays. Do not wear it when bathing or swimming.

5. Avoid storing pearl jewellery under direct sunlight,or environments with extreme temperature and humidity levels, as this mayalter the colour of the pearls or diminish their brilliance. 

6. At the time of purchase, all Chow Sang Sang jewellery is wrapped in a protective box, case or lined pouch. We recommend that you store it in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch after each usage.