Care For Your Fine Jewellery
Fine jewellery is a valuable gift from nature; thus, it requires vigilant care to ensure its timeless quality. Thus, we would like to recommend the following measures on jewellery maintenance: 

1. Professional cleaning at least once a year is recommended.

2. Do not wear jewellery when doing exercise, housework or sleeping. Impact against hard surfaces may damage the setting and cause the gem to fall out, or may deform its shape, especially for jewellery with complicated structures or hollow designs. Stop wearing it if the gem set is found loose.

3. Perfumes, cosmetics, household chemicals, detergents and even chlorinated pool water can damage your jewellery. Prevent your jewellery from coming into contact with these chemicals.

4. Avoid wearing jewellery made of different metals simultaneously since this may cause scratches or colour alterations. 

5. To prevent knotting, close the clasps of chains before placing them into your jewellery box.

6. The colour of precious metals may alter when exposed to high temperature and damp environment. If such circumstance is encountered, please bring your jewellery to our store for inspection and cleaning.

7. To prevent wear and tear, or abrasion with other jewellery, store jewellery in a fabric-lined pouch or box with separate compartments. At the time of purchase, all Chow Sang Sang jewellery is wrapped in a protective box, case or lined pouch. We recommend that you store it in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch after each usage.